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reiki healing may be tibetian origine

Natural health by Reiki healing.Improve all aspect of your life


 Reiki  is a Japanese word, which describes universal life force energy. This energy is applied via hands-on treatment procedure Reiki. Is complete system of healing that seeks to harmonize the mind-body and spirit.

Reiki is not associated with any specific religious practices or beliefs.

In Japan, the concept of ultimate balance in the universe commonly called yin-yang is called male or female, positive or negative. Our left and right hands are said to have symbolic properties that balance our energy and life force. Attributes such as justice and emotion are associated with your left hand while your right controls mercy and logic. The left receives while the right gives. By channeling of universal life energy through the hands.

The Reiki giver mental intention on healings very vital.

Reiki healing Tibetan improve all aspect of your life.Natural health by spiritual healing reiki healing promoting good health and wellbeing wellness vitality For a long time it has been acknowledged by many eastern and ethnic cultures that the universe is not just empty space, but filled with a dynamic creative energy the names this energy include Chi, In China Ki, in Japan and Prana, in India and Tibet. Nearly every known culture has healing traditions and practices based on the life force. It is clear that there is only one energy, known by different name. After a person receives a healing they usually feel relaxed, calm and rejuvenated.Reiki may original from Tibet. Also,  has much more style. One of them called Tibetan Reiki  AA Telek massage clinic also offering the Tibetan style Reiki.  

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A Reiki practitioner is, in essence, a channel for the healing energy.

Natural health by spiritual healing.The way Reiki works is that the healing energy flows through the practitioner’s hands and fills the client’s body with positive energy, thus pushing out any negative blocks that may be responsible for any physical, mental or emotional condition.

So the question that arises is: does Tibetan Reiki actually come from Tibet?

Need more researchers  but it doesn’t matter where came from it is a gift  for us.

Takata Sensei’s story about the Reiki origins speaks about Usui Sensei having discovered a ‘key’ of healing in the Buddhist Sutras. Besides, we know that Usui was a Buddhist monk, so these are the first signs that Reiki has a Buddhist origin.

Arthur Robertson (student of the Japanese reiki master Iris Ishikuro, who was trained by Mrs. Takata between 1973 and 1980), was one of the first to formulate the idea that Reiki was an ancient forgotten healing technique rediscovered by Usui.

Symbols coming from different areas (Tibet, Egypt, Lemuria, Atlanta, South America, Peruvian Andes, Hebrew Kabbalah, etc)

In Tibetan healing system  includes Five Tibetan exercise five special yoga  also practiced in Tibet.The Five Tibetan Rites stimulate full energy flow through the chakras  The “Five Tibetans” is a system of exercises, reportedly more than 2,500 years old.

Natural healing long been practiced ancient time.The nature always find way to balance.When is balance in mind and body and spirit. We are live healthy and happy life.



Reiki Healing

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